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Forum Text In Code

The Forum Text-In Code feature can be used if you have viewers of your meeting that are not actual members on your account, or are not regular attendees of the meeting. Maybe you are presenting to a group of clients and are using Traction Tools to go through the meeting, but your clients are not account members. Or maybe you want to have a one-off company-wide meeting, and you do not want to go through adding everyone as an attendee, but you still want those meeting viewers to be able to text in issues.

The forum text in code allows non-meeting attendees (and non-account members) to text in issues from their phone, which then populate in the meeting in real-time. A forum text user can only use this feature for one meeting at a time.

When the meeting administrator is setting this up, a unique code needs to be entered. This code or phrase goes into the blank box in the Advanced Settings. If the unique code does not display after saving in the settings, that means your code is already being used for another meeting. Please alter your unique code and reenter in the settings. 

Once the meeting begins, in the agenda on the left-hand side of the meeting screen, meeting viewers will see the unique code and phone number. A meeting viewer then texts that code to Phone number: 1-321-766-5599 and receives a confirmation text. The confirmation text will say "Welcome to the [INSERT MEETING NAME]! Please send your name." The user can then text in issues. Once the meeting concludes, a "Thank you for participating" text will be sent.

Anyone that uses the forum text in feature will be automatically added as a placeholder user on your account. They will not be added to your invoice or be able to login to your account. For more information on placeholder users, see this article: User Management - Add, Delete and Restore

An alternate option for any users that are part of your account already, add them as meeting attendees into a meeting so it does not create duplicate users on your user list, and have the user setup the main text in feature: Creating and Removing Texting Actions for People Headlines, Issues and To-Dos

For any non-members of your account though, the forum text in feature would be the only option where they could submit issues.

To activate the Forum Text-In Code feature:

  1. Click L10 in the menu bar
  2. Click Manage to the right of the L10
  3. Click Advanced Settings, bottom left
  4. Click the word Advanced at the bottom
  5. Enter a unique keyword
  6. Click Save at the bottom

To remove the Forum Text-In Code, simply repeat the above steps and delete the code.

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