How to Create a Level 10 Meeting or Same Page Meeting

To create a new L10 Meeting:

NOTE: You must have administrator privileges in Traction® Tools to create meetings. This is a one-time setup process, and you will use the meeting each week. We're also happy to set up meetings for you. Contact our Client Success team at any time for assistance.

Step 1- Creation

  • Click L10 in the tool bar  
  • Click Create New Meeting (in the upper-right corner of your screen), and choose the type of meeting you'd like to create from the drop-down menu. 

NOTE: A Same Page meeting does not contain a Scorecard, Rocks, To-Do List or People Headlines as L10 meetings do. Contact the Client Success team if you would like to add a new Agenda item to your L10 meeting. 

  • Enter the Meeting Name
  • Choose the Type of Team attending from the drop-down menu
    • The difference between a departmental and Leadership Team Level 10 Meeting is the way they view the V/TO. A leadership team will have access to the full V/TO, whereas the departmental team will only have access to the Traction page (2nd page of the V/TO).

NOTE: Your data will be automatically saved

Step 2- Add Attendees

  • Click Attendees on the left
  • Click the orange [+] button
  • Use the search bar to find existing users in Traction Tools, click their name in the drop-down to complete adding an attendee. 

-OR to add a new user

  • click the or create new on the right.
  • Provide the required information, including name, email*, and position.
  • check the boxes to Send Email Invite or to mark them as a Leadership Team Member

Note: If you check the Placeholder User box, an email address will not be required and the person will NOT receive an invite to Traction Tools. Placeholder users are most commonly used to populate the Accountability Chart- check this article for more information.

  • Click OK to complete adding a new user

Step 3- Add Content

  • Click on each section in the Agenda on the left (under Basics & Attendees; the 1-7 options).
  • Click on the [+] button (on the far right of your screen) to create a new item in each section.

NOTE: Your data will be automatically saved 

With these basic elements set up, your new meeting will show up in the L10 meeting list. You can use the Manage section to the right of your L10, to edit meeting content and settings going forward.

For more information on adding content, check this article: Roll Out to Departmental Teams

To return to this meeting setup menu at any time:

  • Click L10 in the menu bar
  • Click Manage to the right of your new meeting

 MM 10/31