Accountability Chart - How to add users, edit functions and roles, move boxes, and print

How to add a Function and Employee to the Accountability Chart:

  1. Click on Function
  2. Type the position title (you will be typing over the text in gray)
  3. Then click on "(job title) create", below to confirm
  4. If the text turns red, it did not save. Click on the text again to confirm your addition. 
  5. Next, click on Employee 
  6. Begin typing the Employee name
  • If the Employee is already in Traction Tools, select a name as it auto populates 
  • If the Employee needs to be added, click "Employee name (Create User)" below your entry
  • A new dialog box will open to add the user; please read the note below for important details

NOTE: When adding a new Employee to the Accountability Chart, you have the option to make them a user in Traction Tools or add them to the Accountability Chart only. If your intention is to create a new paid user in Traction Tools, add the Employee email address and navigate to the 'Manage Organization' section to send the invite. Otherwise, follow the directions below to add a Placeholder user. You can add an email address in the future if you would like to add the person as a user to Traction Tools. 

Adding Placeholder users to the Accountability Chart: 

  1. Click AC in the menu bar
  2. Click Employee in one of the boxes on your AC
  3. Type in the employees first and last name
  4. From the drop-down below, click on their name + (create user) to confirm you want to add them to this function on your AC
  5. The Add User box will pop up
  6. Do not enter the email address 
  7. Check the box that says Placeholder User and click OK
  8. Your employee has been added to the AC- they will not receive an invite to Traction Tools and you will not be charged for them.

Note: Placeholders are free users; Placeholders require no email address; Registering this user removes placeholder status

Editing existing Functions and Employees:

  1. Click on the text you would like to edit
  2. Triple click to highlight all of the text or use the delete key
  3. Type in new Function or Employee
  4. Confirm addition by clicking your text in the drop-down below

Editing Roles:

There are 2 types of roles available on the Accountability Chart, Function Roles and User Roles.  Function Roles are tied to the Function, and the User Roles are tied to the user and will be listed in the box regardless of the Function that is assigned to them. Function Roles are the default role that populate on the AC.

Function Roles

  1. Hover over an AC box
  2. To add a role, click the plus button that appears to the right of the function title, a new bullet-point will populate below
  3. To edit an existing role, click into the text of the role
  4. To delete a role, click the gray that appears to the right when hovering over a role

User Roles

  1. Click the drop-down by your name/icon
  2. Click Manage Organization
  3. Click on a user's name from the list
  4. Click the Edit button on the Roles box
  5. Click the Add button at the top right
  6. Add a role to the new text entry box below
  7. You will see a new User Role in the user's box on the Accountability Chart
  8. To add a role, hover over an AC box and click the plus button that appears to the right of the USER ROLE title, a new bullet-point will populate below
  9. To edit an existing role, click into the text of the role
  10. To delete a role, click the gray x that appears to the right when hovering over a role

Edit Function (position title) WITHOUT changing roles:

  1. Navigate to your Accountability Chart (click AC or click People in menu bar)
  2. Click the tools icon on the top left - a new tab will open in your browser
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the Function
  4. Make changes and click OK
  5. Close the Manage Positions tab of your browser
  6. Your function title will be updated on the AC. Please refresh browser page if you do not see the change. 

Move a box within the AC:

  1. Hover over the thicker top portion of the box
  2. Click and hold
  3. Drag to another another portion of the AC and release the mouse inside the circle below another box
  • When moving a box, if it has direct reports underneath, they too will be moved along with the Supervisor.
  • When moving a box that has others on the same row, upon dropping the box, it will be moved to rightmost side. This allows you to order them left to right on any given level.

Printing the full AC:

  1. Click AC in the black banner
  2. Click the printer icon on the top left
  3. Choose your options
  4. Click OK to view a PDF of your AC

Scale to One Page: Will fit your Accountability Chart to one page. This may not be the best option to use along with 'Full Chart'. If you have a large AC, it will not be legible. 

Compress Chart: Will move the boxes from being in a horizontal row, to being stacked vertically in order to save space. 

Department per Page: This is a convenient option to print each department and the direct reports onto its own page. 

Full Chart: Includes entire AC

Only Visible: Includes only the part that is currently expanded on your screen. 

Print a Specific Department:

  1. Hover over the box you would like to print (no need to expand it, you can leave it collapsed and gray).
  2. Click the printer icon
  3. Leave 'All Children' selected to include all direct reports.
  4. If you have many branches under the department you are printing, select Department per Page 
  5. Select Scale to One Page (if your PDF comes out illegible, un-check this option and try again)
  6. Click 'OK' and save/print the PDF of your AC


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