Participation Guidelines for the Traction Tools Beta

Be the first to test our new features by participating in the Traction Tools Beta!

Traction Tools is software that gets updated regularly. We listen to our client's feedback so that we can constantly improve usability and add new features.

How to sign up for beta:

    1. On the login page- look to the bottom of the page for the below text

Would you like to test the latest Traction® Tools features before anyone else? Become a beta tester by visiting this page.

    2. Fill out the form and submit.

How to access and participate in beta:

  1. Navigate to and enter your username and password as you normally would.
  2. When you find a feature that makes your experience easier or more difficult, please let us know by clicking on the feedback button (Smiley face) on the top right corner of your page. Your feedback is invaluable information that helps us shape both the current Beta release as well as the future of the software.

Some things to know:

  1. As is with any Beta program, expect that some things may break or not work. We do our best to minimize this; however, it is a test site. We look forward to receiving your feedback and stand ready to address anything that is causing you trouble. Your continued use of the Beta and constant feedback means that we will fix issues before they go live!
  2. Please use the feedback feature (smiley face icon, on top right) when possible for Beta issues. Normal support requests will continue to be handled by our Client Success team. The easiest way to contact them is via our Client Success Portal. It's easy to create a ticket.
  3. You can - at any time - simply navigate to in order to go to the non-Beta version of the software.

That's all there is to it! Thanks for participating!

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  • 15-Jun-2018